Frequently Asked Questions


Which authenticators are available at SPORTFOLIO?

Currently, we are focused on the Upper Deck Authenticated, Panini Authenticated memorabilia, Steiner, Fanatics, PSA/DNA, JSA and Beckett.


What areas do you cover?

Everything you can imagine from Autograph Shoes, Jerseys, Balls, Bats, anything and everything you can imagine. If you are looking for a specific item we can find you that item as well. E-Mail


How fast do you deliver?

In the US items will arrive in less than 14 Days. For International the item will arrive in less than 30 Days.


Are you open 24/7?

Our website is always available and whenever an order is purchased, it will be processed in less than 24 Hours.


Is there a minimum order?



What mode of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards. We also accept Ethereum & Bitcoin.


Can I send an order to another person as a gift?

Yes. Just input the full shipping address of the third party.


I am looking for a specific item/athlete that you don’t have on the website. Who can I contact? we have connections to many different brokers all who meet our high standards. If you are looking for an item, we will bring that item to you.


What happens if I want to return an item?

Every item undergoes a 5 point inspection process:

  1. The product is inspected to be in good condition
  2. The signature on the product is checked
  3. The product’s tamper-resistant, serialized hologram is inspected to see if attached properly
  4. The product’s tamper-resistant, serialized hologram and certificate of authenticity (COA) are counter checked to match
  5. The product’s serialized number is recorded in our partner’s online databases. This number can be counter-checked on our “Verify Memorabilia” tab for full verification of the item.
  6. Once an item passes the 5 point inspection process, items are sent for delivery.

All purchases are final.


What do we recommend for displaying autographed memorabilia?

Framing or encasing authenticated sports memorabilia is the perfect way to showcase them. We do recommend that items not be exposed to direct sunlight, ultraviolet light or any other direct light as this may cause fading to signatures and hand-numbering or discoloration to the item over time. Unfortunately, we cannot replace items that are improperly displayed or stored by the customer.


Fanatics Authentic: As the sports memorabilia division of Fanatics, Inc., Fanatics Authentic is the premier online destination for authentic autographed collectibles. Fully licensed by all major leagues, players associations and universities, Fanatics Authentic offers sports fans and collectors a trustworthy and reliable source for truly genuine sports memorabilia. By building exclusive athlete relationships with many of the biggest name in sports, such as Peyton Manning, David Ortiz, Tony Parker, Colin Kaepernick, and Paul George, Fanatics Authentic also boasts a product offering unlike any other retailer. In addition to top-quality signed collectibles, Fanatics Authentic has a unique game-used memorabilia program to allow fans and collectors the change to take home a piece of the action. All items sold through Fanatics Authentic are acquired by expert staff members in order to deliver 100% authentic sports collectibles. Dedicated to providing customers with authentic autographed memorabilia, Fanatics Authentic offers a lifetime authenticity guarantee and attaches a tamper evident hologram to every product. Every Fanatics Authentic hologram sticker is individually serialized and can be verified online via a massive database.


Upper Deck: Since 1988, Upper Deck has been a pioneer in the autograph authentication process. The company revolutionized the trading card industry by introducing a new technology that improved the overall quality of the card and added a hologram that prevented their cards from being counterfeited. Upper Deck memorabilia goes through a five-step authentication process. First, an Upper Deck Authenticated representative attends every athlete signing and witnesses every autograph that is signed. Next, the UDA representative and the athlete sign off on a record of the autograph session, which is kept by UDA in a permanent file. Third, each piece of autographed memorabilia is affixed with a serial numbered hologram. Next, a certificate of authenticity is issued to every piece of memorabilia. The Upper Deck Certificate of Authenticity is approximately the size of a large greeting card and is printed on glossy card stock. Included on this certificate is a hologram that matches the one affixed to the item. Finally, each piece of UDA autographed memorabilia is packaged with a registration card. When you by an item authenticated by Upper Deck, you have the opportunity to register your purchase with Upper Deck Authenticated. Should you decide to sell that item later, you can provide the new owner with a detailed record of that item’s history.


Panini: Every piece of memorabilia offered by Panini Authentic comes with a 100% authenticity guarantee. 1. Every Panini Authentic signing session is conducted and witnessed by an official employee of Panini America, Inc. 2. At the conclusion of each session, a notarized affidavit is signed and dated by the athlete and a Panini America, Inc. representative. The affidavit details each piece of autographed memorabilia. This affidavit is then stored at our corporate location. 3. Once each piece of signed memorabilia is inspected by a Panini America, Inc. employee for the highest level of quality and accuracy, a tamper-resistant serialized hologram is affixed. 4. A matching hologram is placed on a certificate of authenticity which lists detailed information about the item. 5. The unique serialized number is recorded in the Panini Authentic database.


James Spence Authentication (JSA): An expert in the field of authentication, James Spence and his team of autograph verification experts certify autographed memorabilia for individuals, auction houses and memorabilia suppliers. Each JSA certified item is reviewed individually by all of JSA’s experts. When personal inspection isn’t enough to verify an item’s authenticity, JSA employs a high-technology authentication tool to back up the experts’ opinions. Items that meet JSA standards are issued Letters of Authenticity, which have become the gold standard in the autographed memorabilia industry. JSA certified items are also issued identification numbers, so collectors and look up their items in the company’s online database.